Saturday, 7 May 2011

Meet the Cast - Jessie‏

Jessie was born on November 23rd 2007 and is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retirever. You can read more about her here where I post specifically about my dogs.

Jessie is an amazing dog in my eyes. She is just over 3 years old now and the most laid back dog you can probably meet. She has always been mature and laid back and I love that about her. She is very protective of what she considers her pack (with includes myself, several other dogs that she know, any child that she meets as well as homeless baby birds that fell out of the nest).

Jessie loves food and prefers human company over other dogs. In the park she will watch the other dogs play but rarely joins them, she prefers to do her own thing, go swimming and keep a watchful eye out for anything that could threaten the harmony of the pack. There are a handful of selected dogs that she will proper play with but I am able to count those on 1 hand.

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