Monday, 9 May 2011

Starring Role - Anja‏

Yup that's me and I thought rather then writing a lenghly monologue, I give you some facts:

- I grew up in Germany, spend 13 month as Au pair in the USA and am now living in the UK since December 2003

- I am a country girl,always have been, always will be

- In my day to day job, I am a Team Leader for a major cooperation, I love my job and get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing my team succeed

- If I could give up my job to work on my own farm, I would do that in a heart beat

- As a kid I grew up in the country with rabbits, duck, geese, chickens and pigeons in the garden

- I know how to butcher ducks and rabbits since I was 8 years old

- I helped with harvest of the garden, it was expected and a lot of work but I loved it

- According to my mom, my barn-heart syndrome was passed on from my dads side of the family, since she never had much patience for it

- My dad passed away in June 2003, while I was an Au pair in the USA, I miss him a lot

- I am pretty good with a rifle. I participated in target shooting events from when I was 10 years old, I won several important titles and was a member of the junior national team, I stopped when I moved to the UK, you can't go professional with it and earn lots of money but I loved it and still do

- I am longing to be a mom

- Lot's of my friends are pregnant, which intensives the longing to be a mom

- I am a punctuality freak, I don't like it when someone is late

- I currently live within city limits and try to grow my own food where possible

- My dream and goal is my own piece of land. My mum, brother and friends think I am crazy

- I don't own a TV, I don't need one but I do need the internet

- I love being outdoors, hiking, walking, gardening; you name it: if its outdoors, I am in

- history and geography have been my favorite subjects while still in school (together with sport and english)

- I still spend hours learning about historic events, it's a passion and I pride my self in having great geographical knowledge

- I enjoy good books and family games

- I love all seasons, there is something beautiful about each one, but nothing is more magical then the first snow

- According to my mom, I am a 'Winterkind' (winter child)

- My childhood hero was 'Winnetou' and he still is, he is a fictionate character by an author called Karl May, Winnetou stands or friendship, honesty, doing the right thing

- I know how to fix a flat tire, build a coop, ride a horse, catch a chicken, climb a tree and other useful skills I instisted on learning from my dad

- clothing needs to be comfortable and practical - that's all requirements needed

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