Saturday, 4 June 2011


Yesterday was my last day at work, as I am facing redundancies, well officially I am part of TUPE and am moving to a different company but only until 27th of June. The work is transfering to South Wales and I don't wish to relocate and with both dogs it would be a task of it's own anyway as I am supposed to be in a hotel for the first 4 weeks. So I am on 'Garden Leave' for the next 3 weeks and hopefully able to enjoy some sun and do work around the house.
It's very, very strange feeling. I have worked in the company for 7 years 5 month and 26 days and leaving yesterday was just so hard. I made so many great friends not just in Newcastle but all over the world and leaving everyone behind was tough. I was a crying wreck more less all day.

I have nothing new lined up yet but go an interview on Monday,so fingers crossed. Sometimes we have to be forced into change to realzie that something better might just be around the corner and I hope that this turns out to be one of those instances

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