Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Job

After 3 weeks 'Garden Leave' I will me made redundant at the end of this weekend. 7.5 years working for Convergys will be over then and it feels strange. I moved to the UK for this job and I loved every minute of it but even the best things have to come to an end sometime.

In the stocks for Red Nose Day

The Red Head Team  (Red Nose Day 2011)

Last Day with some of the Tech Guys

Outhinking Outstanding Outdoing Winner 2007
I spend my time on 'garden leave' with my dogs and working around the house and garden. I harvested the first peas and beans and they have been so yummy. On my first day off I had an interview for a Team Manager position and a day later I got confirmation that I got the job. That meant I was able to enjoy my time off without hassle of finding a new job or worrying. I went out 2x with my mates from work and had a great time on both occasions. Now I am looking forward to start my new job next week. I really don't like being off and not do anything, that so just not me. It still feels strange though but the new job is way closer to home and that will reduce transport time by a good 45 minutes each way, so am pleased.

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