Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Golden October

The golden season of October has approached fast. At the back end of last week, we had some goergeous sunshine and really hot temperatures in the 80s. I spend the morning out with the dogs, who enjoyed the sun where knackered afterwards. On Thursday night from my way home from work, I got mugged, so took Friday off to sort out htings like new locks, temp phone, get some money from the bank etc. I am fine and wasn't hurt but the inconvenience is just a nightmare. So I was on Friday, which I mainly used to get things done in the mornings and to relax and sleep in the afternoon, as I did not get much sleep the night before.

Saturday was another gorgeous day, this was spend cleaning up the back yard. I build a wodden box, in which I added all the soil from the grow bags and mixed it with some of the leaves I collected int he park. I ripped out the cucumber plants and took the last few cucumbers of it. The tomatoes are still out as they only started to turn red a week or two ago, so I still have quite a few tomatoes out. I also planted some salat in the greenhouse. I really enjoyed the salat throughout the last couple month so far and thought that I give it a try to grow it all year in the greenhouse. We see what happens.

Sunday turned out to be rainy and cooler, so I spend it in the house baking cookies, enjoying some nice tea, knitting and watching movies. It does get colder now too, this morning was pretty fresh but still gorgeous. you can feel it getting colder. I can't believe that in 2 month time we are already in December and then my mom and brother will be over soon.

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