Monday, 17 October 2011

Grocery challenge - weekly check-in

Soon after entering the challenge, I was sitting down and created a meal plan for the rest of October. I had wanted to do this for ages already and this seemed just like the perfect timing. I tried to variy it as much as possible in terms of meat, vegetarian and not to make the same thing twice. It was challenging but after a bit of thinking I came up with 19 different meals. I started on Thursday with my vegtable soup (lentils, carrots and potatoes) and fresh made bread.

Friday is my pasta day, so I had my lovely tomato sause with pasta and used the left over for Saturdays pizza. Yesterday I had rabbit and fresh vegetable and today I have planned a noole soup with meat balls.

Knowing just what to shop for made shopping much easier and I didn't do any impulse buys, thinking 'oh this would be great to have one day'. The shopping for this week is all done and apart from getting fresh eggs, there is nothing I need to go and buy this week.

Total spend £29.90
Left for October £30.10

That is totally do-able

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