Thursday, 13 October 2011

Grocery Challenge

Due to Nicole's post I came accoss Heather's $400 a month grocery challenge. I really like her idea and this is something that I have done for the past 14 month, when I started to become debt free. While I am debt free now, I decided to continue with this anyway, as it helps me plan more in advance, provide me with better nutrition and I am able to save some money that can be put towars my own little place of heaven.

$400 Grocery Challenge

For the month of October and November I will spend no more than £120 on groceries each month, I started of with about £250 and reduced this to £150-200 over the last 14 month but was still having quite a few take outs, which I want to cut out for the next 1.5 month.

This budget includes all consumables with the following exceptions:

•Pet Supplies and dog food

I am starting this challenge today 13/10/2011, which means I have roughly £60 left for this month to spend on groceries.

I am doing this because I belive that food made from scratch is so much better then junk food or prepared meals. I belive that you should live as simple as possible which is very rewarding. I belive that a carefully planned and prepared meal is so much more rewarding, then the takeway arount the corner. And I belive that if I make the majority of my meals from scratch, I can save some money that can be put a side for the acre of land I want to own one day.

I will provide updates with how things are going each Monday over the next couple of weeks, including challenges, sucess and learning. Will you join me?

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