Sunday, 16 October 2011


This weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather wise. It was very mild and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities. Therefore it was such a shame that I was feeling poorly for most of the weekend. I carried the flu around for tha majority of the last week. At the end of last week, I was poorly with sore throat and then once that was gone, I ended up with a bad cough and running nose this week. By Friday, I only dragged myself into work, knowing that a 3 day weekend to recover was laying ahead of me but after 2 hours of just coughing, having a headache fromthe coughing and generaly feeling like shit, I decided to go home and rest. My body was clearly showing me that I have done enough and should rest. And rest I did. I only went out on Friday night and Saturday to take the dogs out but that was it. It was difficult with the weather being so nice but I really need to get better first of all.

So what did I do if I wasn't outside?

To start of with I stayed in bed and read and drank cups and cups of herbal tea. Then I got a delivery of some wood supplies that I had ordered just on Friday morning and did some paining them (see below)

 I also used the time to finish up the curtains I was working on and hung them in the windows.

 Oh and I was knitting...

I am feeling much better today and made a lovely rabbit for lunch. I have not had rabbit in years and never made it myself (my mom or grandma always used to do this). It turned out so lovely, I had coated it in a bit of mustard to start with, before I quick fried it to turn it brown. I then put it in the oven for an hour together with the carrots and potatoes. It was a wonderful Sunday dinner.
I also decided to change the duvets on my bed. Since it's getting colder, I took out my woolen sheep duvet, which is just perfect for the colder season. I don't need the heating and I will stay nice and warm, what more can a girl ask for? Jessie agrees by the way and snuggled up on top of the bed after I done the changes...

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