Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another weekend

Another weekend is here, and it felt like a long week to me. after working 9 days ina row, I thoroughly enjoyed some rest this weekend.

During the week I enjoyed the first snow-drops that I saw this season.

My beaufiful 'baby cousin' Sienna Louise was born earlier this week

I enjoyed another week of home made foods and didn't give in, in the temptation to go and buy something quickly for my evening meal at work.

I made soup and baked bread and todays dinner will be rabbit, with potatos and beans, something I am very much looking forward to.

I did some knitting (or learning to knit) and enjoying nice walks with the dogs.

Slowly but surely the winter is coming (or so I hope). I has been rather mild here so far but the last two days temperatures have dropped down to be around 0 C during the day and way below that during the night, so i hope we get some snow soon.

How did your week go?

first snowdrop of the season

Sienna Louise (my cousins girl)

baking bread

potato, carrot and Leak soup

one tired dog

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