Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - or Time to Say Good-Bye

I have been at work until 11.15pm last night and was in the house by about 11:30pm. That was just in time to watch Dinner For One on DVD before the old year came to an end. It's a tradition in Germany and one I uphold, it's also a very funny sketch... With a glass of Asti mom, Jens and I started the New Year before going to bed.

This morning it was time to say good-bye as their stay was over and they had to go back home :( When we got to the airport at 10am, we found out their flight was cancelled and they got booked on a different flight leaving at 5pm, so we went back home and then back to the airport at 3pm

at the airport going home
Saying good-bye initially was easy but I was and still am rather depressed since I got home. It's strange, since I remember that it was never this bad 10 or even 5 years ago but the older I get the more diffcult it gets. I am feeling rather lonely right now but I know this will go away in a few days time but it's another reason to move back to Germany one day.

Once I got home I took the dogs to go for a walk to clear my head. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening and the sunset was amazing. Now I am at home, trying to distract myself... I will post my goals and resolutions for 2012 in a few days time
sunset 01.01.2012

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