Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January is over

January is over and it has been a pretty good month. I have tried to ensure that I only eat whole foods. I am usually pretty good with what I eat but towards the end of the last year, a lot of times I sneaked in fastfood or sandwiches bought in town for dinner at work. Not only unhealthy but also costing a lot money. So with the new year I wanted to eat more whole foods and only rarely give in the temptation f fast food for work.

I went amazingly well. I have probably had 98% whole made food in January with the odd bought french fries from the store and no fast food, everything else was self made out of ingrediens. I prepared meals for work each day too and even on the business trip s to Leeds didn't give in the temptation to go to Burger King.

Last night my car broke down on the way home from work, after calling the AA, the car was fixed withing 90 minutes and equiped with a new battery, but I didn't get in the house till 1am.

This morning it was food shopping day. I try to budged the food shopping but payed about 15£ more today then planned at Tesco's. This was only due to the dog food though and I am pleased I did. Last time I went shopping they only had a 6kg bag of dog food which is approx £6. I usually buy the 15kg for 12£. As they had them again today, I bought it, this will take us through most if not all of February which is great.
I also went to Hutchinson's for my fruits and vegetables. 5kg potatoes; 1 kg onions, a salad, 1 kilo tomatoes and 4 peppers for 4.50£ and all local is not bad at all. I love going to Hutchinsons for my fruits. It's a local fruit and veg shop, the quality is amazing, it tastes great and the prize is great too. Much more preferred then the supermarket

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