Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The book project

I am having a lon weekend off work, I am actually off till Thursday night. The weather is rather cold today, just about 0 degrees and today it's been mixed with rain too. Not a very nice day to be off. I spend the morning, doing some surfing on the web and reading some old blog-post of Soulemama when I came across this post. I saw it and thought that this is perfect for my book project :)
My book project is something I started after reading my aunts memories. A few years ago she wrote down her memories, like how she grew up, her whole life story and also family history. I thought this was brilliant and wrote my own but so far it was only in a word copy and I wanted to make it into something more book like. The post from Soulemama gave me a great link on how to put my 'Memoaren' in a book.

So I spend the afternoon working on transfering pictures from CD's to my laptop and to work on getting everything in. It contains a lot of formatting etc but with a nice pot of tea the work went down pretty good. I still have a lot o formatting to do but hopefully will get it all sorted by end of February,

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