Friday, 3 February 2012

189 days - or - 27 weeks and 0 days

until I till permanently move back to Germany.

That might be a shock to many of you but it's something that I have considered and debated for the last 7 month already. Originally I had planned to move towards the end of 2013 but several things made August 2012 a much, much better prospect.

When I left Germany in December 2003, it was mainly because I was hearbroken from having had to leave the US, not wanting to deal with the culture and re-entry shock, wanting to find my own feet and seeing something of the world. I picked Newcastle because of the work offer that I received and had an amazing 7.5 years here. There are two main reasons why I stayed so long a) the amazing people and friends I made here and b) Convergys and both are very much interlinked with each other. To be honest if I had not been made redundant last year, I don't think moving back to Germany would have made it on the list until a few years down the line. Anyway, things happen for a reason and I found myeself as a person over the last few years and know that I want to continue the direction of homesteading and moving back to Germany will help me on this way.

So where am I going? I will be going back to Seboldshausen, a village with 250 inhabitants, nestled in the foothills of the Harz mountains, surrounded by rolling fields and woods. An amazingly beautiful place in the countryside.  

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