Wednesday, 15 February 2012


With the pending move, i had to reconsider the plans for the garden, after all, I am moving in what i'd call main havest time.

So the garden will be reduced to salad, peppers, radish and tomatoes for the moment and some kohlrabi that will be planted a few weeks from now.

I started on the first few tomatoes and peppers this weekend and they are sitting in the windowsill now. 3 days down the line from when i planted them i can see the first green peeping through the soil.
Majority if not all will be eaten straight away, after all i cant move all of this to Germany. My mom will as always have plenty tomatoes for me to deal with once i get there and lots of fruit trees too. There will also be lots of beans which will aleady be canned so we will have some food for the cooler month ( more then i can produce in my coirt yard anyway)

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