Thursday, 9 February 2012

Where will I move to?

The above is a view of Seboldshausen, the small village that I will be moving to.
Below is the house I will be moving into (circled in red)

Below is a floor plan of the house that I will move into. The house is a two story house which is split in an upstairs and downstairs house. The downstairs house was my first place that I lived on my own about 10 years ago. It has been rented out since then. My mom and brother live upstairs but the two houses are completely separate from each other with the garden shared. The garden is a good acre too but my mom already said that it’s getting too much for her, so it will be mainly me planting.

I have some plans for the next 5 years on some of the areas of the house that are without heating and insulation. For once I want to move the back door to the kitchen instead of having it in the outer buildings. I also want to add heating and insulation to the empty room that is currently used for hanging up washing in the winter and change it to a bedroom, with a hallway to connect it to the front hall/entry.

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