Monday, 23 April 2012

Interesting Development

Last Wednesday I informed my manager that I would be leaving to move back to Germany, talk about shock. For me it was important that they would know as early as possible about this. Being a manager myself I believe that it's only fair to give them enough notice if possible, so that a suitable replacement can be found.
On Thursday when I got in the office Tony our director approached me. I always had a lot of respect for him. From the day I joined the company he's always been very approachable and visible, I got a lot of feedback from him on my performance and support for what I needed to do my job well. On Thursday he told me that Stu, my manager told him that I was leaving and he told me about the office in Germany that the company is currently in the process of opening and if I would be interested in that. Talk about surprise :) Unfortunately the office is in Berlin and too far from where I will be moving but the whole thought process and offer behind it really threw me off. I know I am doing a good job but this was a confirmation of it that I didn't expect, yet it was very much appreciated. 

Another surprise came this morning, my cousin and family (her husband and two kids) are going to be moving to Adelaide, Australia just a few days before I will be moving back to Germany. Greg her husband is a Kiwi and my cousin spend some time in Australia before and always wanted to move there. They decided it's the best for their family and they will be missed but I totally understand where they are coming from. I will go down to London in a few weeks to see them to say good-bye and hopefully can visit them in Australia one day.

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