Monday, 16 April 2012

Move update - 115 days to go

I remember doing a 100 days coutdown while I was in the US and the time just went by so fast. It's the same now, although on some days I think that the move is so far away but then when I think about it, we are half way through April already. Which leaves me with May and June in the and I am off from the 26.7 for a few days and then it's moving time. Even since February, when I made the decision, time has just flown by...

I have packed a few things but not much yet anyway. The moving company is booked for August 8th and majority of the payment has been made. The last payment will be made 1st of May and then this is one less thing to worry about.

I am working on plans of what to do workwise once I am in Germany. At the moment I am looking into self-employment options that let me work from home. We will see how this goes over the next few weeks.

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