Sunday, 1 April 2012


We spend the Sunday in Chester-le-Street at my friends Shelley's. It was her birthday and we had not seen each other for a while, so we were both desprate to catch up on each other. The weather was nice, lot's of sun and we spend 95% of our time outside in the garden. Jessie and Lily enjoyed the attention they got of Shelley, Gary and especially of the kids. lily played ball all afternoon until she busted her paw and I forced her for a break. That was a good thing since she just wanted to continue to play, she is barely able to walk today and is due for anitbioitcs at the vets later. She must have had a blister at her paw and that opened. The paw looks sore and she refuses to walk today but otherwise leaves the paw alone unlike Jessie who would bite on it.

Later on Maria came by too, I used to work with Maria and she is Shelley's sister in law. They brought their two year old Labrador Oscar with them and Lily in a suprise move got on pretty good with him, which I was very pleased about.

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