Thursday, 24 May 2012

Beautiful May

It seems as though summer has finally arrived, with very hot temparatures since Tuesday. This is a massive relieve as I had to take my winter coat back out for evening and early morning walks last week.
Now temperatures are in the high 20s if not low 30s and the salad that I nearly gave up on is slowly growing, as are the radish.

I am participating in the 30 day vegan workshop and am really enjoying it. I started the days with green ish smoothies since Saturday last week. I have not gone to full green smoothies yet but this is just a matter of time. The recipies I tried so far are delicious and while I will never be a full vegetarian or vegan, I enjoy knowing that I have more options for whole foods.

I have also spoiled my self recently by watching both The avengers and American Pie the Reunion at the cinema. I have enjoyed both movies and am going to try and see the Hunger Games next. Yeah I know the order is not quite right but I was not sure about the hunger games for a long time. I got all three books yesterday and finished the first one yesterday, the second today and I am just in the third. I have really enjoyed the books so far and hence would love to go and see the movie too.

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