Monday, 28 May 2012


A home is a place you grew up wanting to leave and grow old wanting to get back to
John Ed Pierce

We have gorgeous sunshine at the moment a beautiful May indeed... it also makes me realize how much I'd like to be home right now. Home it's strange, over the last decade home has been a lot of things, home was once the US where I spend an amazing year as Au pair (well a part of my heart still things it home), until quite recently Newcastle used to be home. I can remember countless of times that I steppes out of the plane after a trip to Germany and thinking 'I am glad I am home', at some point over the last few month or maybe even year Seboldshausen became home again and I am so looking forward to going back. At the same time I know that I will miss my friends and the friendliness of the Geordie nation and yes same as the US, a part of my heart will always feel at home in Newcastle but I am also ready to go back home.

It's going to be 73 more days until the removal van will be here (just 2 month really) and I need to be ready and packed by then. I am busy sorting through everything and there just seems to much look through (what was I thinking howling all this stuff from Germany to England by car). It's strange to know that last Christmas I didn't even realize that it was going to be my last Christmas in the UK for while, stange to know that it's the last May for a while, so may last times for time being and at the same time a pull forward knowing that I have made the right choice.

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