Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Right now

I am enjoying the rays of sunshine that May has brought us. I was finally able to put the winter jacket away, It wasn't a very cold winter or even snowy winter but the temperatures were cool and it was very wet but it was unreal how long I needed my winter coat for early morning or late night waks.

I am enjoying the greens that are sprouting about, the trees getting greener, the smell of freshly cut grass and trees blossoming.

I have received my copy of Taproot today and can't wait to dig in

I am enjoying four days of work, that I take to relax and indulge in self made smoothies, long walks and some work of packing more boxes.

The move is coming closer and more plans are being formed. I will miss my friends so much but am looking forward to a more back-to-basic lifestyle too and of course seeing my old friends again.

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