Friday, 29 June 2012

I'm farming and I grow it

I came across this video due to a facebook friend and it's amazing. 3 young adult's between 15 and 20, deeply integrated in their family farming background and loving it, and at the same time talented with music. What more do you want? I was impressed with this and it's great to see that young people that are interested in farming and show what they do all day.

Newcastle Storm

Yesterday afternoon while I was at work, the sky turned black within minutes and Newcastle was in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. Heaven opened i's flood gates and Newcastle got flooded. My car parked close to work was save but due to road closures people were unable to leave work or at least it took them ages. For some of my friends it took them 6 hours to get home for a usually 25 min journy.

 I finished work at 9.30pm, checked on the car and then walked home, which took 20-25 min. I went back into town this morning with the dogs to pick up the car

Newcastle in the eye of the storm

At the Quaside

close to the gate
lighting strike at Tyne Bridge

me walking home

Monday, 18 June 2012

52 days to go

I was right that time would be flying by once I reach the 100 days. I can't believe that in just about 7 weeks I will be back in Germany. There is still so much work and packing to be done it's unbelievable.
I have handed in my notice and my last official day is 10.08.2012 but due to holidays my last working day is going to be 25.07.2012 that is just 4 weeks from now. It feels strange, things are going amazingly well at work at the moment and my team is better then ever, so leaving at this point is very hard but at the same time I am so much looking forward to going to Germany.

My brother has started to do some minor work on my house e.g. painting the window frames and kitchen. I wanted to put a wood floor or laminat in the bedroom and was just told yesterday that under the carpet is a beautiful woodflooring, so I don't need to do extra work to put that in. That is amazing, i so love wood flooring :)

I have lot's of packing and selling to do still, you just cannot believe how much stuff I have. Well I can actually :)

Olympic Spirit in Newcastle

A day in the woods

I took the dogs up to Watergate park for a walk and play in the woods, fields and the lake. Both enjoyed the walk immensely, despite the rather cool weather that we have.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Unexpected loss

Meriam and Jens - May you Rest in Peace
In my three decade stint on this earth, I have been blessed with very few death that have hit close to home. In fact most of those death were expected due to age or illness. Even as a volunteer firefighter I was lucky enough to never having to deal with death. Until this morning, death wasn't close and crual...
I was woken up by a call this morning with a blocked number, I figured it would be my mom and wondered about it, as I only spoke to her yesterday morning. I could hear by her voice that something had happened and then she said: Something really awful has happened. I don't know why by my first thought was that my brother was involved in a car accident. And then she told me that Ulla and her two kids have died. When I asked what happened she told me that a fire broke out in their flat and they could not get out. Aparently Ulla went outside once to call for help and then went back inside to rescue both of her kids but they never made it out and died due to the smoke inhalation. Her partner Hüssin came home just minutes before the firebrigate but while he tried to get in the house to get his family out, he never made it inside

This is so cruel, the kids have only been 3 and 1 year old. Jens the little boy was a suprise baby when she gave birth to him in the bathroom as she didn't know she was pregnant. He was named after my brother too. My brother is best mates with Hüssin und his brother and we all have been close to the family.

I was in shock all day and was send home from work as I was so upset about this.

Ulla, Meriam, Jens
You have been taken from this world way before your time
May you rest in Peace