Thursday, 19 July 2012

Moving on

In 6 days my brother will be here, to help with the move and look after the dogs while I be in London for a few days.

In 6 days is also my last day in the office (although I am only working 4 more days)

In 7 days I will be in London, watching the olympics, meeting friends and seeing my aunty

In 16 days I will have a night out with my friends to say good bye

In 21 days I will be leaving, leaving the UK and starting a new journey

Time is getting closer and closer and despite going to miss my friends I am getting more excited every day about it and can't wait.

I am selling quite a bit of furniture and the house is emptying quickly. I will sell another bunch once I get back from London and I am awaiting an offer on my car.

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