Saturday, 29 September 2012

A day in the ....

Since moving back in the country my daily routine has changed a lot or so I have noticed. Sure I am still very busy to get things cleared, cleaned,  fixed and the garden preped for winter but that's not just it. I wake up (without an alarmclock) with the first rays of sunshine each morning, at the moment is usually at around 6.30am, after feeding the dogs and having breakfast myself, the dogs and myself go out for a walk up in th fields and woods. When I get back the Laptop is switched on and I start working. most of the days that's just shortly before or around 8am. I am then working until 11am or so before starting to prepare lunch. At the moment that sill involves, going out in the garden to pick some fresh salad. Depending on how much of my workload I got done in the morning, I am at the moment able to work in the garden in the afternoon. There is still so much to do. Two days ago my 90 year old neigbour ask if I wanted some carrots and pears, of course I said yes and by mid afternoon, I had a bucket of each.

 The majority of the carrots got put in a sandbox, to keep for later.

The pears were peeled and cut and then canned. I managed to get 7 3/4l glasses out of them, plenty for this winter. I am so looking forward to eating them, I have not had canned pears in quite a few years.

I also did some more work in the garden. The rhubarb roots had to be split and a few of them got planted in a new place.
 I took more grass of to convert more garden into planting land.
 And then I had to do something for the backberries. During the storm we had 1.5 weeks ago, the blackberry bush fell over, so I had to put a few wood pillars in the ground, to get them back up

By the time it's 5 or 6pm I ususally finish up and make dinner and the rest of the evening is spend reading emails or a book but usually I am quite tired come 9pm and am in bed sometime between 9pm and 10pm, just to start the day all over.

My borther things I am crazy, for being up so early and in bed early too. He even suggested I should by a TV so I don't fall asleep in the evening but am not going to do that. I am really happy with how life is going right now, yes it's a lot of work but I am feeling fullfield, it's just hard to describe.

Next week will be focusing on the house. As I said, I need to get the bedroom done still but also need to tile the kitchen which will be the focus for We-Su next week. I am in Berlin Mo-Tue and We is a holiday in Germany.

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