Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 Goals

Last year I had a few goals that I set myself and not all of them have been reached... :(

My first goal was to focus on growing salad, tomatoes and potatoes, maybe carrots etc. I would consider this goal partly met, partly because the weather in the UK was rubbish in the first 6 month, very wet and I was still wearing my winter coat in the beginning of June. By the end of June I gave up on attempting to grow anything, even the salad would not grow. By that time I was also already half way packed for the move to Germany. I had been to the house in Germany in march and had planted some fruit trees that are coming along nicely and hopefully have fruits this year. I was able to plant and harvest a few things in my new and improved garden in Germany in the second half of the year.

The next goal was to learn how to knit, another goal that was half way met. I learned how to knit in the beginning of the year and then didn't do any until the end and forgot how to do it
I did however do more craft and sweing projects, one of those my baby cousin Sienna was wearing for New Years day

quick change trousers

The next goal from last year was to become more selfsufficient, and do more canning less freezing, that's definetly something that I have achieved. One of the main reasons behind the move was the massive garden and opportunity for animals that I will have, I am still debt free and I canned way more then I ever did.

So what are my goals for the next year?

  • The first goal that I have is the homestead, which will be split in 2 parts garden and animals, during autumn I spend a lot of hours extending the garden by reducing the grass and preperaring the spoil. I have already started to plan what will go where and how to use the space for all that is needed
    • the plan with the garden is that I want to be able to grow +70% of my fruits and vegetables in my own garden or by bartering with neighbours. If I consider the  frozen and canned fruits and Vegetables that I still have from last year, I know that they will happily get me throught the next 3 month.
    • I also want to start to introduce animals to the homestead, I don't have as much room for those as I want, so after careful consideration and the fact that I have access to free-range eggs from my neigbour, I will start with introducing rabbits to the homestead this year.
  • The next goal will be to continue with the wholefood diet that I have started last year. The goal is that +90% of my meals with be wholefood made from scratch. Meat will only be bought locally and fruits and vegetables should come from my own garden, with a few exceptions like bananas that won't grow in Germany and possibly potatos that will be bough locally too
  • The last goals is to finish a minimum of 6 sewing/knitting projects. At least one of them should be a pair of knitted socks. I love knitted socks and it's high time that I am able to do them myself.
So that is me done, do you have any goals or resolutions this year? If you have, please share them in the comments section

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