Thursday, 24 January 2013


Back in December last year and again earlier this month I started to plan out my garden for this year.
What to plant, when to plant and where to plant
Last year before I moved to Germany, I made some grea sales on seeds (salad, herbs, tomatoes, peppers) , so when I planned I took in consideration of what I have and what I need.
Today I went into town to drop of some sale items at the post office for shipping. My mom had asked me to go to this discount center in town to check out if they have a few things that she is looking for while there, so I did. While there, I came accross this massive box of seedlings with the sign 'to go for free', I checked out what was in there, mainly salads and leek but also a few others and with a bit of looking I found some peas, bean and carrots along with leeks, kohlrabi and rocket salad that I took home for free. That's what I call a bargain.

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