Thursday, 3 January 2013

January Money Diet

I am participating in the January Money diet this year held by Eliza over at Happy Simple living. The goal is to stop any unnecessary expenses during the month of January and to safe money. I am usually pretty good at saving money and don't spend money with unnecessary things but having a community behind you and sharing what you've done is very helpful and keeps you motivated.

Today's challange was to create a menu plan for the next week and to plan ahead for the cooking of meals. Well, as you might know, I usually menu plan ahead for 4 weeks so that was an easy challange. What I decided for my self though was to ensure that I will eat much more fruits. I am still having lot's of canned cherries and pears that need to be eaten some time and don't let me tell you about the 3 dozen bags of frozen berries, apples and cherries still in the freezer. So I have added this to my menu plan as well. The last few days I have defrosted a mix of berries, cherries and apples each evening and then had them available for fruit smoothies in the morning and during the day. I also took out a glass of the cherries, to have with lunch and as a snack in between. Very healthy.

For todays lunch I decided to make chicken nuggets. I had some left over potato salad that had to be eaten and I figured some nuggest will go great with it. Plus I will be out of the house all day tomorrow so, would be able to take the left over nuggest with me :)
Now usually when you hear chicken nuggets, you probably think of the fast food or frozen nuggets from the supermarket. Well I am not a fan of those and prefer to make them myself, they are much healthier and taste way better anyway ;-)

So how do you make nuggets you ask?

- Heat up some butter (I usually put it in the oven and pre-heat the oven at the same time)
- fill a bowl with 150g breadcrums and mixed it with a spoon full of tyme and a spoon full of Oregano, also add a bit of salt (when I first tried it I added nearly a tsp of salt but it was a bit too much for me and I now take way less)
- usually take 2 or 3 pieces of chicken breast and cut them into 2-3 cm chunks

 - next you put the chicken chunks in the melted butter and then in the breadcrums/spiece mix and coat them well
- put the chicken on an oven rack

- cook in the oven for 25  minutes

Done and ready to eat...

As I said I picked some canned cherries and had them as a side dish after the nuggets and potato salad.

Now the great thing is that you can also tkae the nuggets to work the next day (or to school) and either have them cold or heated up again.

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