Tuesday, 8 January 2013

January Money diet

It's been a week now that I am participating in the January Money diet, the tips and hint provided are very useful and the community is great to keep going. A lot of the things I already do but everyonce in a while I come accross things that will help me further.

In terms of spending, I have not spend any money apart from the insurance pay at the beginning of the month.

So far no grocery shopping was needed (Actually that's not true I did buy chickenbreast for 2.50 Euros on the 2nd of January and 1.5 kilo of banana's for 1.45 Euro's but that was it) and I had homemade food each day of the new year. I have lot's of frozen berries, cherries and apples in the freezer that have been used for smoothies in the morning or dessert or snacks in between. I have ate a bit more vegan this week than I usually do and tried some new recipies, with the ingredians that I have. I have also baked some fresh bread.

Further more I am looking for ways to save money. Todays challenge was to find way to safe eleetricity and while I found no new ways (yet), I was glad to realize that a lot of things I already do and that I was raised in the way to safe electricity from when I was young. It's good to know that those lessons from my grand-ma do pay off :)

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