Thursday, 10 January 2013

The garden

It's been rather mild outside for the last few days, so I figured that I could do some more work in the garden. The plan is to put a fence through the garden soon, so that the vegtables are safe from the dogs ;-)

Last fall I created a new piece of land but I still wanted to put some corner stones around it. We have lot's of stone plates left in the I hauled them over 1 by 1 to the place and then dug into the soil to create a hole, so that I could put the stone in and create a small border wall. Some other stones were used as a path way. After two hours of good work, I was done. Now all that I need to do is build or set the actual fence.
Now it's getting late in the day and I have just finished to prepare the souerdough for tomorrows break baking. I am very much looking forward to the fresh bread and the smell in the house

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