Saturday, 12 January 2013

You can't beat a night sky in the country

Last night between 9 and 10pm, I took the dogs out for a quick walk before we settled in for the night. It was a moonless, quiet, clear and cold night and I could clearly see the stars in the sky. There were no other lights around us, no noice other then the dogs running on the grass and I was reminded once again that as far as I am concerned, I live in a little slice of heaven on earth.

It reminded me of my childhood and nights that were spend outside just looking up in the sky, gazing at the stars. It is something that I missed when I lived in Newcastle. The closeness to the city meant that no matter when I looked in the sky, there was always sorounding lights.

The simple act of basking in the wonder of a night sky and marvelling at its mystery is an experience that is shared across humanity, throughout history, no significant knowledge required.

Sadly this experience is growing more rare, as large numbers of the population congregate in urban spaces and augment city borders, pushing their innate desire for constant light up and out, spilling light pollution into even the rural areas hundreds of kilometres outside of those major cities.

I am glad I was reminded about the beauty of the night sky last night

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