Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On the job front

I have been up since just shortly after 6am. Despite a long and tiring day yesterday, sleep was hard to come by this morning. So figured I might as well get up. I have had breakfast, took the recyling paper bin outside for collection and am now sitting here with a cup of tea and the iPod on, writing down the frustrations and ups and downs of the last few weeks of job hunting.

When I moved here in August, I figured the job hunting might take a while but hey I am skilled, so I should find something. As you know I started to continue to work for Serco, travelling to Teltow each week to set up their new call center. This was temporary for 3 month but my boss often talked and confirmed that I can stay longer. It came to a massive shock when on my last day it was decided, that it's my last day unless I move to Teltow permanently. Talk about shock.

So since end of November I have been looking and applied for varios jobs. It has been very frustrating... Initially I didn't get any replies back at all, a no I can deal with but nothing is a bit much in my opinion. I mean I have done hundrets and hundrets of recruitments for Convergys, for Serco UK and Serco Germany and I always got in touch quickly with the people even if it was no. It's just polite.

I also didn't think that it would take me this long to find a new job. Sure I have been very lucky in my life so far and always had somehing else lined up when I changed jobs. Also I never had to write many applications. Prior to this I might have written  a total of 10 (if that is it at all). So the combination of this, made it very, very frustrating.

Last week, I ended up with one interview a day and on Wednesday had a kind of job offer. We agreed on a test day, which I did yesterday and the company and me are both pleased with the results, so I am starting my new career tomorrow,

I will be doing sales now, with lot's of outside work and the possibility to take over the branch or another one that openes. Talk about happy. The job will be tough, the opportunities for advancement are great and I was hired due to my management and leadership skills and the look at the future to lead a branch sometime soon.

I am very happy with the results :)

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