Saturday, 20 April 2013

A hard days work

Weekend has arrived and I have lot's to do. The main thing for today was to get the fence on the way. After I quickly went into town for some shopping, I have been out and about in the garden since 9am. I had to put the wood protection stuff on the fance poles and let them dry.
After that it was creating the holes for poles and putting them in. As I need some more help to actually set the fance, this will be done tomorrow.

In the afternoon I cleared the woodpile away that has been on the same spot for years, as no one bothered to get rid of it. I have plans for some potatos in that patch so needed to get rid of it and it looked really bad anyway, so now it looks much cleaner :)
I set up part of the smaller fence already, since the wall there anyway, I didn't need a very high fence. And as long as the dogs can't jump over it, I am happy.

I then went to cut down some old trees and found this guy still in the pile of wood where I saw him last fall. He then got up and walked away. Rather cute fella

At around 7pm I went to sit down with a beer on my little bench under the cherry tree. A hard days work was over and it's time to chill a little before I continue tomorrow

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