Sunday, 21 April 2013

At church

Usually on a Sunday morning you can find me at our church. I am proud to be lutheran-protestant and believe in Jesus and his teachings. I am one of the very few younger once that can be seen in church but I don't mind. My church is a mox between old traditions (most of the time) and adding something new every once in a while.

Today we celebrated the confirmation of my neighbour Georg. It was very different to my own confirmation 18 years ago but I thouroughly enjoyed it. We had a child choir attending the mass, who sang heavenly and the mix of old and new was just right.
Things have changed since my own confirmation, as mine was held in Bad Gandersheim where as this was in our local church, even though Georg was just on his own (like me at that time).

Georg I am wishing you all the best to your confirmation and on your way with Jesus.

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