Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Spring is in the air, or so it last... When I wake up in the mornings, I can hear the birds already up chirping away. The last snow has melted and at least the days are getting a bit warmer. Early morning and evenings are still cold.

I had big plans for today, I wanted to put the tiling on the kitchen wall, but after getting everything, the wall was aet, so no work to be done on there until the weekend at least.

I thought that I could plant some onions. The late snow has really put me behind on the garden. I still need to buld a fence around the garden, to stop the dogs from destroing everything but that has to wait until the weekend too. So after lunch I went in the garden, where it looked something like this.
 So I got to work, a bit at a time and tilled the ground and evened it out

And one thing let to the next, so after I planted the onions, I planted two rows of carrots and radish. And next to that two rows of peas.

 After some more tilling I planted five rows of fodder roots for the rabbits, and salat and some more onions for myself.

 And this is the reason why i need a fence, the dogs are checking out the newly planted onions... The bit in the front still needs to be worked on. I will plant beans and cabbage on this mainly as well as some late peas and leeks
I still have seedlings in the house that will be going outside come May. These are cucumber plants
 Followed by Tomato
And kholrabi plants, today I planted some sweet pepper and leek seeds and hope they will come out soon. Here is hoping to a great garden this year.

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