Thursday, 30 May 2013

Garden Update May 30th

It's been a very rainy week and I was afraid the garden might be drowing... It stopped raining yesterday, so I was out today, to check on the garden and to get you an update.

beans, lettuce and some onions are slowly growing

best part.. harvested some rhubarb and and added some frozen strawberries :)


  1. I'm impressed with the vertical growing set up you have so close to the house! Do you have an irrigation system from the gutters?

    1. We do collect the rain water but the tomato plants have to be watered by hand. Set up was actually build by my dad before he passed away, to grow tomatos. We used to have really bad luck with growing tomatos in the garden, so he came up with this 15 years ago and we used it ever since. Right above them is a balcony, so they are protected from rain from the top and from wind.

  2. how exciting, your garden is doing wonderfully.

  3. stopping by from soule mama! great garden!