Saturday, 4 May 2013

Raspberries & tomatos

Today has been an amazingly busy day. Last night I was at one of my neighbour's to trade flowers and she asked if I am interested in taking a couple more raspberries from her, since otherwise they will be trown away. She is in her early 80s and reducing her garden as can't do that much anymore. I alredy got some plants in fall last year and I am of the opinion one can never have enough raspberries so I said of course I take them.

Early this morning I started to work on the soil where I wanted to plant the raspberries and then went to her garden to dig them out. I spend the better part of the day digging around and planting about 20-25 raspberry bushes.

Once that was finished I decided to plant my tomato seedlings outside as well. They have come along nicely and I now have 9 plants that are sitting outside, waiting to grown.

 Needless to say that I was tired in the evening but sill enjoyed a nice sunset

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