Saturday, 22 June 2013

Company trip to Höxter

Yesterday my company had fun during outhe anual company trip that was organzied by Machmut and Petra. After we had some breakfast in the office we left the office around 11:15am and headed west. After about an hour drive, we arrived in Höxter, a town in estern North Rhine-Westphalia on the bank of the river Weser. Höxter has a well preserved  mediaeval town structure, beautiful half-timbered houses with high gables and carved façades from the 15th and 16th centuries.
We started our trip with a short boat tour on the river Weser. During this tour we went past the Covey Monastery that lies right on the outskirts of Höxter.

After the boat tour, we met a tour guide, who showed us around Höxter and told us more about it's history. The beautiful half-timbered houses are an amazing sight to see.

Cathlic Church

Protestand church

town hall

walking back to the cars
At around 4pm we drove to a wood cabin restaurant in Höxter-Albaxen. The restaurant is build like Canadian cabin and is just amazing. After the welcome and a little song, we participated in the 'Germanen-dreikampf'. A fun little competition, where we had to shoot, throw the  javelin and trow a big stick of a lack of beter word. It was a lot of fun and after a hard competition between me and me boss, I won in the end and was crowned to be now part of the ancient Germanic tribe. The day ended with a lovely meal, some drinks and dancing before we went back home after a fun-filled day.

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