Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Garden Update June 4th

Good morning guys, below is an update from how the garden looked last night

making hay

the helpers

potatos in a grow back again


The last two days have been warm, with temperatures soring up in the high 80s low 90s (F). The days before that were still cold but at least the heavy rain has stopped. The ground is hard like concrete, so I was very thankful that today was my day off and I was able to spend time in the garden, weeding and loosening the ground. I have also been cutting some of the high grass and am trying to make hay out of it. It's the first time I am attempting to make it myself. I usually buy they hay from one of the farmers around here, as I don't have the space to make the large amount that I actually need but every little helps, so I thought I might as well to try to use the high grass for it instead of putting it on the compost.

The berries are growing and I hope that we will have some sunshine now, so that they can actually turn red soon.

What is going on in your garden this week?

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