Tuesday, 11 June 2013

It's been 10 years

10 years ago today, I was living the life of an Au pair in Nanuet, NY looking after my four kiddies. June 11th 2003 (or in my case the evening of June 10th 2003) is one of these days that I can remember as if it just happened yesterday. It was shortly after 8pm when I received a call from me mom. My hostfamily  and the two oldest kids had just walked back in the house after watching one of Mike's baseball games, while I and the babies were at home. My mom called and I immediately knew that something was wrong. All she said was: 'It's over' and I knew that my dad passed away. My mom and me didn't speak much more that evening (or early morning for her) and I was in a complete daze. due to my year abroad I hadn't seen me dad in 8 month and while I knew that he had cancer, I newer imagined that he could or would pass away while I am in the US.

It's now 10 years ago that my dad has passed away. I am content with the knowledge that he is watching over me from heaven but not a single day passes when I am not thinking of him and miss him. He was a backyard farmer just like me and I learned lot's from him when I was younger. There is so much that he could still teach me today.

I love and miss you dad!

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