Monday, 3 June 2013

New job

After being unemploed for a month, I started my new job today. I had an interview for this job on Thursday last week and was offered the job on Friday. I am now working part time (2.5 days per week) in a tax office. I am very pleased about this for several reasons: I got a chance to go back to my roots (I done my appreticeship in a tax office and worked in a tax office prior to moving abroad), I get much needed income, the fact that it's part time means I have enough time left to work on the homestead, something that I could not do in my last job. I also have the chance to work from home office, something that is seldomly done in this industry.
My first day was great, the people in the office are very nice and my boss is very relaxed about lot's of things too. Seems like I have done well for myself on this occasion.

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