Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The boys and the lady

While I was cleaning out the rabbit house, I did a quick check to see if Mia was pregnant from Muckel but it was a negative, so I decided to put Mia and Thumper together, as Muckel is a bit too young for this anyway. The two of them got on well, so fingers crossed that this worked.

The rabbits are all doing well. Thumper is a big happy chap, he enjoys coming out of his house (he is usually on the bottom one) and whenever I feed him, he opens the door and follows me around.

Muckel is very similar, he has grown so much from the little fluff ball that he was. He is the friendly chap that comes out to greet me and wants a cuddle whenever I go to see him.
Both boys are very friendly with my dog Jessie and Jessie loves the boys too.

Mia is the lady of the bunch. She is not as outgoing as Muckel or Thumper and a bit more reserved but I can still easily pet her.

I am pleased with all three of them and how they turned out so far. Just hoping for baby rabbits now :)

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