Saturday, 6 July 2013

Gandersheimer Domfestspiele

I enjoy going to the theatre. When I still lived in Newcastle, I frequently went to see shows at the Theatre Royal and Northern Stage. My little home town usually does not have many attractions but for the past 55 years it hosts the 'Gandersheimer Domfestspiele'. The Domfestspiele is an open air theatre that is on a stage in front of the cathedral, starting on the 1st of June and ending in the middle of August. I have been visiting the Domfestspiele to watch their plays since 1985. Initially as a kid, I went for the children's play watching things like Pippi Longstocking, my magical friend Sams, Jum Knopf and many others. When I became a teenager, I went mainly for the musicals or any of the adult plays that took my fancy.
Last night I went to watch the musical 'Cabaret'. I sat in the front row and really enjoyed the show. The actors usually engaged are pretty awesome and many return frequently the following years. I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the show, so you have to make do with the outside pictures.
walking down the street to the cathedral
prior to the show
the show is over
going home

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