Thursday, 18 July 2013

Garden Update July 18th

It has been dry here over the last couple weeks, too dry to be honest. We have not had rain in weeks and that impacts the garden. I usually spend an hour every second evening out watering the garden with the hose, to enable it to grow. During this week, I changed this a bit, as it often is still to hot in the evening to water the garden. Now, I usually water the garden, when I do the morning chores with the rabbits. Instead of watering every second day, I water every day but usually only about half an hour. It does help and the garden is growing.
Last week/this week we ate the last of the iceberg lettuce and took them out. The first round of peas will follow at the weekend. The beans are starting to produce beans and the tomatoes are hanging full with little tomatoes . I ate a few carrots last week too. The gooseberries and currants bushes are empty now but the blackberry bush is full of fruits now. Cherries are only a handful on the tree this year which is a shame.

I am planning to plant a few more radish and then some kale & beets for a fall/winter harvest. I have never done that before and it will be a first. Also thinking about getting a small low tunnel build for some more winter gardening.

What does your garden look like?


  1. We are thinking about the fall/winter garden now too. We have not tried before, so it will be interesting. Radishes, more kale, beets and arugula are going in for sure, still deciding on what else to plant.

  2. hello anja
    your garden looks very well.nice blog!
    wish you a wonderful weekend,