Sunday, 28 July 2013

Meet the cast - The babes

I can't believe that the babes (as I call them) are three weeks old today. It seems to me as if they been here forever already. They are growing up nicely and I can't get enough of watching them and their antics. Mia is a great mom and I am very pleased with how she handled motherhood. She will definitely stick around as my breeding doe for a while. The babes are still being fed by their mom but start nibbling on proper food too. I can't see yet which are gonna be boys and which are going to be girls but over the last few weeks their names established, so let me introduce you:





They each have different personalty traits and as I said before I love to watch them. If I have a favorite out of all of them it probably is Blacky but I love all of them. I hope that at least one of them is a doe, that I can add to the breeding stock. 
I am considering supplementing the  breeding stock next year with a smaller breed for cross breeding, so am keeping me eyes open for a New Zealand White or Californian.


  1. Oh, they're so cute! I love that black one ;-)

  2. I love the back one too :)