Sunday, 11 August 2013

Garden Update August 12th

Slowly but surely it feels like fall is coming. Last week, when I was out doing chores shortly past 5am, I noticed that it was a bit darker then a few days or weeks ago and I realized that summer is on the verge of passing into fall. During the days it has been getting 'colder', less sunny and a bit windy. Not by much, temperatures are still in the mid 20s Celsius but compared to the heat from June and July it fells cold. All around the farmers are bringing in the wheat harvest and I can hear them driving up the dirt road next to my house until late at night. We had 2 or 3 rain showers and thunder storms in August so far but the rain never lasted more then 10 minutes. The thunderstorms clearly support the change in he season and I am spending as much times as I can outside, enjoying it while it lasts.

In my garden I was mainly focusing on harvesting beans and cucumbers this past week. I have 4 cucumber plants and harvested approx 40 cucumbers so far. Some are used for salad, the majority is being pickled for the winter. It has been years since the last time I had home pickled cucumbers. I will get one more harvest out of the climbing beans this week, before they are coming out. I also harvested the onions this week and some carrots. I am slowly starting to take the big fodder crops out to give to the rabbits. The kale and radish that I planted for fall harvesting are growing. The blackberries are starting to turn black and taste so sweet. Tomatoes are growing and turning red too. I already picked 2 kilos. The plants are full but the tomatoes are rather small, just a bit bigger then cherry tomatoes, so I am going with a different kind next year.





6 weeks old


  1. I've never seen cherry tomatoes to tall! Wow! They only grow about a foot and a half here. Be well.

  2. hi anja,
    your tomatoes look wonderful!!!
    beautiful harvest!
    wish you a nice weekend,