Sunday, 29 September 2013

Garden Update September 29th

this is how the garden looked this morning

strawberry plants

strawberry plants

fodder crops



fall fodder crops



new garden path

fodder crops, radish, leaks and carrots


green bell peppers

With the end of September, the growing season is coming to an end. The last few days saw the temperatures drop to just around or below 0C at night. Not enough to do damage to the garden but enough to freeze my car windows. The last few weeks have been busy. I started off by laying a new pathway in the garden, followed by taking out all cucumber plants. I added a mix of cut grass and rabbit manure (that was in the compost pile for the last 4 month) to the land where I had beans and cucumbers. After a lot of digging I planted 60 strawberry plants in there. Other then adding a blueberry bush yesterday, I have not done much else for winter preparation. 
The blackberries keep growing and I probably have harvested around 35kilos from it so far. The apples are ready to be harvested too. They are so sweet and I enjoy them a lot. This morning, I had a few and made them with waffles fro breakfast. I am slowly harvesting the fodder crops for the rabbits too, usually take about half a dozen a day, that means that I can use the green leafs too and the rabbits can eat them first while the fodder crops are stored.
I put a tunnel up with the hopes to extend the growing season for the salad for a few more weeks. We will see how that works. The fall kale is coming a long nicely. I harvested a bit on Friday and made kale chips, which were just delicious. I still have tomatoes growing, not as many as a few weeks ago but still more then enough. The bell pepper is doing great too but not turning red. With the temperature dropping, I doubt that they will turn red now anyway, so they will be harvested and frozen this week.

Hope your garden is doing well and have a great Sunday

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