Tuesday, 10 September 2013

ketchup & time off

This past weekend I tried my hands on homemade ketchup. The thing is I don't like the commercial ketchup at all and avoid it at all costs. Homemade ketchup I like but so far never had the chance to make some myself. This year the tomato harvest was good, so after I made enough pasta sauce, I decided to make some ketchup. I looked for different recipes online and when I found one that sounded good, I tried it. I used about 6 pounds of tomatoes for the ketchup and made 2 jars for my mom too. It was time consuming as it took 4 hours to cook but yesterday I tried it for the first time. Oh my god was that yummy. I will surely keep this recipe and make some more of this ketchup.

I also pickled another 2 1.5 liter jars with cucumbers. I might have another batch left for pickling by the end of this week and after that it's time to take the cucumber plants out of the ground.

Tomorrow the Taproot Gathering is happening at Squam. I would have loved to go but With only having worked part time until August, it was just not something that I could afford this this year (and believe me I tried to make it happen). Plus my cousin is coming over from New Zealand in a few days time. She and her kids will spend 6 week in the UK and seeing family is more important right now. I will be going to Newcastle in 4 weeks time to spend a few days with friends, before I go down to Lincoln, to spend time with me family. Really looking forward to this

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