Friday, 27 September 2013

New rabbit hutch




Muffin, Snowy and Blacky


Junior left all alone
The baby rabbits are growing nicely. So far they shared a hutch (always 2 together) but with them growing quickly, it was time to separate them. I spend yesterday evening building a new hutch for the rabbits, which will also allow me to have more rabbits in the future. I also planned ahead, as Blacky will be bread next year, so she is staying in the bottom hutch, where she will have enough space to breed. Junior is kept in the previous hutch and I might breed her too next year but am not sure on this yet. Muffin and Snowy will butchered once they are big enough, which is probably around February/March. Last Friday I put Mia and Thumper together and if things work out, I will have another litter of baby rabbits when I return from the UK. I would have preferred to have them sooner but with being in the UK, I could not let someone else deal with potential baby rabbits, let's just hope that we have a mild fall as last year with not too much frost until the middle of November.

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