Thursday, 5 September 2013





Snowy and Muffin
Junior and Blacky
The baby rabbits are now close to 10 weeks old. I have separated them from their mom last week and as luck would have it, I ended up with four girls. That made housing them together much easier, and now Snowy and Muffin live together as do Junior and Blacky. Mia looks glad to be on her own again now, as space was getting a bit tight with four bouncing little ones. 
I am now busy planning on how to proceed. I am very pleased with how first time mom Mia dealt with everything, so Mia is definitely staying on as a breeding doe. I am planning to breed her in December or January again but not to sure if I breed her to Thumper again or to Muckel.
Due to Blacky's color, I want to keep her as second doe and breed her to Muckel once she is old enough, which should be in March/April next year

So far the babes are striving and growing quickly and are an absolute joy. They are still a bit shy and jumpy but especially Snowy and Muffin are calming down great already. Blacky and Junior are more active and all four of them are little Hudini's if I turn my back on them while feeding, good thing they can only escape from their cages and not the surrounding area too.

It's fun to see them grow and I can't believe how much I learned about rabbits in those last couple month. I remember how scared I was to do something wrong and accidentally cause death to the babies but also how utterly petrified I was to put my hand in the nest and search for young ones, once it was clear they would be born any day. I imagined they felt like little naked baby mice and I kept quickly poking my finger in, scared to touch anything :) Turns out they are much cuter then baby mice and don't feel squishy or whatever else I imagined them to feel like.

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