Thursday, 3 October 2013

Mulching the raspberries

Today is the German National Day. 23 years ago on this day, Germany was reunited. While it is a holiday, it is not celebrated as big as Independence Day is in the US or Guy Fawkes Night in the UK . Usually people will spend a relaxing day with family. That's what I did. I talked with friends that came over in the morning and we had a nice meal at my mums for lunch but that was it in terms of celebrations. In the afternoon, I went in the garden to do some work on the raspberries. It was warm and sunny, so I need to use those days prior to me going on holiday. So I cleaned the raspberry plants, added some compost and rabbit manure and then mulched them. I hope this will help them to grow so that next year i can have more then a handful of raspberries.

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